Unleash Performance

Crystaphase CatTrap® can extend your reactor’s production cycles.

Crystaphase CatTrap technology removes particles from your feedstock before they can cause pressure drop that forces you to shut down your reactor. With its linear holding capacity, capturing a full cycle’s worth of particles is a simple matter of bed depth, and with its highly space-efficient void space ratio, that bed depth can be less than you think. With pressure drop out of the way, total throughput could be increased by as much as 50 percent.

Further description

Crystaphase delivers CatTrap technology as reticulated ceramic medallions in a range of sizes to match the particles that can bring down your reactor.

Through comprehensive sample analysis, Crystaphase can help you identify the composition and morphology of the foulants you face. CatTrap then delivers an integrated system for removing those obstacles with precision and efficiency.

The key is the unique internal filtration design. Unlike other materials that filter in the space between the pieces, CatTrap filters from within. The struts of the reticulated ceramic material create high-tortuosity pathways that extract insoluble foulants from feedstock as it passes through the material. When a piece is full, feedstock flows around it into the empty material below. The result is a linear holding capacity that can help eliminate crust layer formation.

When randomly loaded into the unit, the sum of the effective internal porosity and external void space can exceed 90 percent. This means a smaller volume of CatTrap can capture a greater volume of foulant than conventional materials. Use the space for more filtration, or use the space for more catalyst — with CatTrap, the choice is yours.