Long live the catalyst.

Our goal is to improve and extend the performance of your reactor, which means protecting the catalyst.

Any number of obstacles can stand in the way. Poisons such as nickel, vanadium, silicon, and arsenic can reduce activity. Channeling and coking can limit liquid-gas interaction and cause hotspots. Raising the feed temperature might buy you a little time, but it also moves you that much closer to your next shutdown. And with every shutdown comes lost productivity, incurred expenses, greater risks, and lost profits.

Crystaphase can help you extend your cycles. We start with a snapshot of what’s happening inside your reactor. With advanced technology and comprehensive expertise, we identify the foulants, flow issues, and other factors that get in the way of your catalyst’s performance.

Working with you, we then develop customized purification and dispersion solutions to get past those obstacles and help you reach your unit’s goals.

We are ‘cat-nostic’

What other vendor can say they are always installed with someone else’s catalyst? At Crystaphase, filtration is more than just an add-on. Filtering foulant is our focus.

The cycle length you want is the cycle length we want–whatever catalyst you choose. Our method? Study your foulant, characterize it, then implement a system to keep it out of the way of your catalyst’s performance.

Choose the catalyst that’s right for your unit. Choose Crystaphase to help you protect it. Being ‘cat-nostic’ keeps us on top.

  • BEFORE: With about 180 cubic feet of conventional materials, this customer ran for up to 331 days.

  • AFTER: With only 159 cubic feet of of CatTrap® material, cycle length jumped to 716 days. That’s double the run time, and more value from the catalyst.

Performance adds up.

Longerproduction cycles

Millionsin reclaimed profit

Higherrate of throughput

Fewer shutdowns

Get a snapshot of your reactor’s performance.

Optimized operations begin with an in-depth analysis of your system, from foulant to feedstock. Take the first step now.

Get your reactor analysis now.