Training series

From the experts in reactor performance,
a course you do not want to miss.

Learn what a reactor would tell you about filtration if it could.

The story of reactor dynamics is rarely told, but the secrets of fluid dynamics and filtration mechanics can open new chapters in reactor performance. In this course, you will learn how to read your reactor—and how to change its story.

Dive into feedstock dynamics.

Learn the ins and outs of filtration.

Filtration is mechanical. Learn how the forces within a filtration system interact to separate feedstock from foulant—and how to evaluate the performance of a filtration system.

Get on your feedstock’s molecular level.

Absorb the science of sorption.

Find out how the elemental composition of your feedstock can attack and destroy your catalyst bed, and learn techniques for defending and protecting it.

Find new directions in dispersion.

Learn to tame unruly flow patterns.

The natural fluid dynamics of feedstock in a fixed bed can accelerate the formation of hotspots. Discover how this works, and explore methods of controlling it.

Value for you—and your team.

After this stimulating two-day course from the experts in reactor performance, you'll be able to share with your colleagues new insight into reactor dynamics, find new solutions to challenges in your refinery, and deliver new value to your team.

Ask your Crystaphase representative about group registration rates, and bring your team along!