Against the flow of
conventional solutions.

When it comes to reactor performance, uniformity is your best friend. Unfortunately, it’s a challenge to maintain. With fluid distribution, natural flow dynamics invariably result in degradation of the reactor fluid stream, known commonly as rivulet formation or feed coalescence. This results in catalyst coking, widening radial delta-T issues, and, ultimately, an artificial cap on your inlet temperature. All are particularly problematic in reactor beds of 20 feet or more.

At Crystaphase, our dispersion solutions are thorough, incorporating unique geometry to enhance uniform flow distribution and performance while using the least amount of reactor volume.

For you, that translates to longer cycles and greater yield. Preventing rivulets means eliminating local hot spots, so you can optimize reaction kinetics through greater distribution without having to adjust inlet temperature due to problem zones. Stable temperature means stable catalyst operation.

The secret’s inside.

Crystaphase CatTrap® technology features a unique bypass design that eliminates cake-layer formation. Filtration occurs within the product. With a matrix of up to 85 percent porosity, it lets you maintain flow much longer than conventional solutions. Better yet, it does all of this occupying far less volume in the reactor, which lets you maximize your catalyst load utilization.

A broad dispersion of benefits.

Increase catalyst load utilization by 300%

Enhance long-term throughput

Improve operational stability

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