Why ‘crude’ is
appropriately named.

Tight oil. High-TAN stocks. Opportunity crude. For hydroprocessors, these increasingly prevalent and problematic feedstocks can bring a reactor to its knees. Cracked stocks come with diolefins that can polymerize in the reactor, forming carbonaceous foulants. Other particles, like silica fines, dissolved iron, and corrosion can plug catalyst and equipment.

Turning low-cost
to high-value.

We can identify, through laboratory analysis, the poisons and particles in your crude stock, then develop customized solutions for removing them. The unique internal filtration design featured in Crystaphase CatTrap® technology provides purification while avoiding the problems of polymerization, precipitation, and agglomeration.

You have a cleaner product that you can process more of, for longer, mitigating pressure drop and avoiding shutdowns. Suddenly, that low-cost crude is offering some impressive profit margins.

Widen your profit margins.

Uncover and eliminate the obstacles to optimized performance.
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