It’s not magic.
Just highly obsessive expertise.

A lot happens inside a reactor—and not all of it good. Complex interactions, distribution patterns, suspended particles, and catalyst poisons all converge to form a river of lost profitability. Crystaphase can help.

To optimize catalysis, we apply a very specialized science, supported by advanced laboratories and passionate expertise. We methodically analyze samples, along with your current system, then design customized and replicable solutions to clear your path to greater reactor performance.

from the inside out.

Purification and dispersion represent two phases of catalysis optimization. In traditional systems, the process of purifying progressively impedes dispersion. Crusting occurs, blocking flow, creating hot spots, and drastically diminishing productivity and profitability. Crystaphase technology uses a proprietary internal filtration design that eliminates crusting in the purification phase, thus maintaining uniform distribution in the dispersion phase, which together limit pressure differential.

By uniquely combining these strategies to address the unique circumstances in your reactor, we can significantly improve your performance.


Suspended particles and poisons can interfere with catalyst performance. Our space-saving solutions remove soluble and insoluble compounds, keeping your feedstock pure while maximizing catalyst volume and reactivity.


Inside a reactor, flows naturally degrade into the fewest paths of least resistance, reducing contact between feedstock and catalyst. Our solutions maximize flow dynamics, using a fraction of the space required by mechanical systems.

reactor activity?
We have a
crime lab.

Our laboratory is uniquely dedicated to the exhaustive analysis of foulants, which means we are focused on your problem, not our product. Our capabilities, which span from scanning electron microscopy to x-ray microtomography, can precisely identify the culprit, so that we can tailor a solution to eliminate it. We’ll even come to you for an on-site consultation.

  • Particle Size Analysis
  • Loss On Ignition (LOI)
  • Metals Analysis
  • Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)
  • Energy Dispersive X-Ray Spectroscopy (EDS) Analysis
  • Digital Microscopy
  • X-Ray Microtomography
  • Pressure-Drop Analysis
  • Reactor Filtration and Pressure-Drop Simulation

Find your foulant.

Analysis is the first step to optimized reactor performance.

Get a customized and comprehensive analysis now.