Jimmy Vaeth

I love it when both the customer and I know, deep down, the solution is right for them.

Jimmy Vaeth

Technical Sales Manager

With a well-honed intuition and a keen rational perspective, Jimmy is an expert at finding solutions where none were thought to exist.

He has served in roles low and high. His credentials span engineering and business. Jimmy's years of experience help him not only to see the world from a customer's perspective, but to empower his customers with a broader perspective, enabling them to work beyond their problems to real solutions.

Ever supportive, he has made a career of helping people get the job done. Along the way, he has developed a first-hand appreciation of the detailed work that goes on behind the scenes of a successful operation. He makes sure that every recommendation is just such a team effort, and that every customer likewise gets what they need to reach their goals.

He earned a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from Virginia Tech and a Master of Business Administration degree from Rice University. He propels himself outside work by playing tennis, kitesurfing, playing golf, and running.