Dhairya Soni

It’s a great feeling to actually want to come into the office and spend time with my coworkers and our customers. I hadn’t experienced that until I joined Crystaphase.

Dhairya Soni

Technical Service Representative

If you believe knowledge is power, you’ll appreciate the data analysis and strategic problem-solving skills Dhairya brings to the table, and every reactor changeout.

He understands that in today’s high-turnover, high-security refinery environment, it’s essential to build trust and maintain open channels of communication so everyone – from the youngest unit engineers to the more experienced SMEs – can work together to improve reactor performance sitewide.

Earning his Bachelor of Science degree with Honors in chemical engineering from the University of Texas at Austin, and his OSHA certification in Occupational Health and Safety, Dhairya is ready and able to take care of business with a refreshing level of enthusiasm.

Outside of work, Dhairya plays a lot of sports, enjoys photography, and hanging with his twin brother who is also a chemical engineer.