Cassidy Cole

I love doing analysis. Our goal is first to know the cause of the symptoms, and then to help a customer find the best solution. Crystaphase values people, and it shows in how we treat our customers and our coworkers.

Cassidy Cole

Technical Service Representative

Not one to back away from a challenge, Cassidy embraces the unique quirks that lie within every reactor. She systematically collects and compares sample data sets to help pinpoint the little differences that could make a big impact in a reactor’s performance.

Through constant technical analysis, collaboration with her fellow experts, and ongoing communication with the PEs who will ultimately use her solution, Cassidy develops engineered solutions designed to optimize each opportunity.

Cassidy received her Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from Oklahoma State University in 2018. She leans on her industry experiences in asset and information management and utilization to advance and protect her clients’ operational, cost, and performance goals.